Surveillance & Access control solutions

Theft is costly

Whether it is due to the obvious break-in form a stranger or the slow, subtle and indiscreet employee, it affects your bottom-line Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) and CATV record activity on the property. You can be off-site while viewing live or recorded movement. Today’s technology allows you to clearly see the activity. Cameras can be strategically placed for optimal observation and security. Kilatuz Network can provide
  • Security camera solutions
    • Surveillance camera design and installation
    • Digital and IP security cameras
    • DVRs
    • Day & night camera with easy play back
    • Web access viewing
    • Superior image quality
  • Access control system solutions
    • Telephone
    • Dial Pad
    • card
    • Wireless
These allow or prevent person from entering a designated location such as a gate, office or building using a card swipe or scan